Belt It Out

THE NONPROFIT: Northern Virginia Therapeutic Riding Program

THE OBJECTS (points): Belt (11), Overcoat (13), Wallet (11), Saddle (11), Car Seat (13)

THE GAME: In this fundraiser game, 16 players pay to compete head-to-head in a bracket style format. The objective is to obtain a Wallet with all the entry fees positioned in the center of play. Player 1 sits in a Saddle about 8 feet away from Player 2, who sits in a Car Seat. Each player is given a Belt, which is the only object players may use to move the wallet closer to them. When the wallet touches either the saddle or the car seat, the respective player may pick up the wallet and declare victory for that round. After all 16 players reduce to a final match, the winner of that duel wins the event. The money collected is donated on behalf of the winner, who is given a champion's Overcoat to commemorate their victory.

Sound fun? Try playing the game! Then share a picture or video with @GameGeniusLLC!

**Shout out to @itnumber8 for object suggestions

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