Canvas Cover-Up

THE NONPROFIT: The Veterans Consortium

THE OBJECTS (points): Canvas (13), Velvet Seat Cushion (11), American Flag (10), Vehicle (9), Vest Jacket (11)

THE GAME: This battle between teams requires hand-eye coordination, stamina, and strategy. Each team's entry fee goes to a chosen veteran's charity. In the field of play, teams gather around a Vehicle with its windows rolled all the way down. There is a circle of Vest Jackets to keep players at least 10 feet away. Stepping inside this circle in not allowed, but players may reach into the circle to retrieve objects. There are also hundreds of yard-style American Flags set up nearby. Each team is given 3 Velvet Seat Cushions to toss into the vehicle. Upon scoring a cushion, that team may send one player to run around the field collecting American flags until tagged by another player. Teams arrange their flags on a Canvas to cover up the empty space. When all the cushions have been scored or are out of reach, the game ends. The team with the most flags collected wins a custom Canvas print of their American flag design as a prize.

Sound fun? Try playing the game! Then share a picture or video with @GameGeniusLLC!

**Shout out to @ethanjsomers & @itnumber8 for object suggestions

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