Fruit Suits!


THE OBJECTS (points): Fruit (10), Trousers (12), Candy Cane (10), Circus Tent (8)

THE GAME: Still trying to get rid of Holiday candy? Step right up for this July 4th carnival contest! Inside the walls of a Circus Tent, players split into teams by choosing one of two uniform - dark blue or light blue Suits. When everyone is ready, a timekeeper begins a 5 minute countdown. With Candy Canes scattered all over the ground, players must hang as many canes from their suits as possible before time expires. The team with the most wins. As a prize, they get to award a Fruit Basket to a Veteran (or their family) of choice.

Sound fun? Try playing the game! Then share a picture or video with @GameGeniusLLC!

**Shout out to @ltate2257 & @lneslin for object suggestions

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