Go, Pomegranate!


THE OBJECTS (points): Umpire’s Mask (11), Graph Paper Notebook (11), Pomegranate (8), Impala (10), Music Player (13), Pokemon (10)

THE GAME: In this relationship building game, players simulate a Pokemon tournament! Mentor-mentee pairs act it out for the ultimate reward - a victory lap in the MentorPrize designed Impala (car). To begin, every team must choose who plays the role of Pokemon Trainer and Pokemon. A championship bracket is then created to organize the battle order. To initiate each match-up, someone starts a song on the Music Player. Dueling Trainers simultaneously throw their Pomegranate into the center of the battle field, which is surrounded by onlookers (other Trainer and Pokemon duos) wearing Umpire Masks and carrying Graph Paper Notebooks. Battling Pokemon both must catch their Trainer's Pomegranate to qualify for battle, with the most graceful catch going first. Pokemon take turns acting out an attack using their Pomegranate as a prop. Onlookers grade the execution of each attack in their notebooks, and, after the music ends, declare a winner. Other mentor-mentee pairs go on to battle until one team remains as the tournament champions.

Sound fun? Try playing the game! Then share a picture or video with @GameGeniusLLC!

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