Hot Lava Java

THE NONPROFIT: Academy of Hope

THE OBJECTS (points): Hot Lava (14), Giant Hand (14), Brick House (11), Shirt (13), Hat (10), Hamper (14), Honda (14)

THE GAME: Growing up, we were all told not to play with fire. Well, here's your chance to ... just kidding, we can't suggest a game that dangerous. Instead, this game requires your imagination and a willingness to play like a kid again. Starting inside a Brick House, players will race by hopping around in their designated Hamper basket. They may not touch the ground with any part of their body - it's "Hot Lava." Making contact with the ground eliminates them from the contest. During the race, players must collect and put on a Shirt, Hat, and Giant (foam) Hand before touching the finish line: a Honda outside the house. The first player to do so wins the Giant Hand, which gives that person the power to elect one of the competitors (self included) as a volunteer for an upcoming nonprofit event.

Sound fun? Try playing the game! Then share a picture or video with @GameGeniusLLC!

**Shout out to @itnumber8 & @martamaczewska for object suggestions

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