Let the Games Begin!

We added a blog to the website! It is a way for the Game Genius team to share fun ideas and research findings, as well as win the SEO game.

Have you seen our #mondaymotivation and #tuesdaytopic posts on social media? Each week, using your object responses (@GameGeniusLLC) and nonprofit feature, we will demonstrate the concept of game philanthropy. Our goal is to get you thinking about giving back through play.

An example... This picture below is a sample Monday challenge. The prompt asks you to "name an object that fits as many of these descriptions as possible," scoring the points indicated on each card.

Responses (points): hockey stick (10), treehouse (16), hole (7), hula hoop (14), laundry hamper (10), sharpie (5)

Charity cause: youth arts in underserved areas

Game: Players remain inside hampers while racing to ring hula hoops around opponent hockey sticks, which are named and placed upright in holes within the playing field. The last person without a ringed stick wins. S/he watches the next game from the treehouse and adds new interior elements (sharpie) until that game is over. The changing design generates media awareness and revenue for charity.

We find this exercise works great as an icebreaker and facilitation. Regardless of how useful this particular game is, the process often helps people see different solutions in their own projects!

Ready to play with us? Let the games begin!

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