Mechanic at the Disco


THE OBJECTS (points): Bolt (8), Disco Ball (10), Bottle (10), Binky (10), Bird Figurine (12), Belt (12), Button (12)

THE GAME: Ready for a dance against the clock? This escape room plus immersive theater experience begins as a dance party (fully equipped with Disco Ball) and gradually shifts into a puzzling show. The acting team designs a plan to confuse the players, who are collectively searching for a Button that is coded to open an exit door before time runs out. To distinguish these two roles, players are given Binkies. They may not talk unless addressed by the actors. There are also mystery objects (Bolt, Bird Figurine, Bottle, and Belt) scattered throughout the room that all hold secrets. Players may give these objects to actors to reveal helpful information. But they must be careful - each object can only be used once. At the end of the game, either the players win by escaping or lose and are trapped forever. Just kidding...the winning side (players or actors) get to keep the props for the next game, where they recode the button and write new game mechanics.

Sound fun? Try playing the game! Then share a picture or video with @GameGeniusLLC!

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