Mulch Game

THE NONPROFIT: Washington Literacy Center

THE OBJECTS (points): Mulch (10), Life Vest (8), Cliffs Notes (12), Cantaloupe (10), Coal (8), Laser Cut Paper (10)

THE GAME: Today, we're playing for the ultimate study guide memorabilia - Cliffs Notes signed by famous authors! The game resembles bowling, where players alternate turns trying to knock down as many Laser Cut Paper pins with a Cantaloupe. The pins are stabilized by Mulch, and pin tallies are kept by collected pieces of Coal. After each player bowls a round, the person with the most total pins down gets to wear a Life Vest to show they are leading. After 5 rounds, the player with the highest total wins and receives the Cliffs Notes as their prize. All entry fees to participate go to the nonprofit beneficiary, which provides organizational information between bowling rounds.

Sound fun? Try playing the game! Then share a picture or video with @GameGeniusLLC!

**Shout out to @itnumber8 & @ltate2257 & @ethanjsomers for object suggestions

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