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THE NONPROFIT: Washington Improv Theater

THE OBJECTS (points): Weighted Die (9), Pins (8), Chairs (10), Fruit (12), Stains (10), Kings (9)

THE GAME: Curtains up! It's time for an improv battle. The scene is set in front of an audience. Players split into two equal teams - Diamonds and Hearts. One player on each team assumes the role of leader by holding their respective King card. Both teams have the following props to create a 1 minute story - 2 Chairs, 2 pieces of Fruit, and 2 Stains on the floor. The teams perform their act and the audience votes for their favorite. The winning team leader gets to roll a Weighted Die and award that rolled number of Pins to player(s) who stood out during the performance. The objective of this battle is to earn the most number of pins. For subsequent rounds, the two leaders pass their king cards to other players and new teams form around them for a next act. The game continues until the show ends, at which point the pin totals are calculated and winner is announced!

Sound fun? Try playing the game! Then share a picture or video with @GameGeniusLLC!

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