Protect the Jewels!


THE OBJECTS (points): Tin Can (13), Mechanical Pencil (13), Cane (11), Crown (11), and Shipping Container (13), Cell Phone (10)

THE GAME: Behold! A challenge designed to test your relationship ... also your grit, hand-eye coordination, and willingness to listen to the same artist all day. In this game, partners work together to complete a strange throw and catch exercise. Players position themselves around a shipping container and begin a cell phone playlist of Jewel songs. Player A stands atop the shipping container with a supply of mechanical pencils and two canes. They must only use the canes to send pencils toward Player B, who tries to catch them in a tin can while standing on the ground. Each successful catch earns 1 point. Teams tally their scores after each song and switch places. The winners of each song get to wear crowns during the next song on the playlist. If a team wins twice in a row, they sit out the next song to post a supportive social media message to one of the six Civic Nation initiatives.

Sound fun? Try playing the game! Then share a picture or video with @GameGeniusLLC!

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