Scoop the Diploma

THE NONPROFIT: Posse Foundation

THE OBJECTS (points): Spoon (11), Diploma (10), Pitcher (13), Plant (8), Trophy (13), Polo Goggles (8), Expo Marker (8)

THE GAME: This is a game that requires heightened senses and communication. Two teams will race to score 3 diplomas in their glass pitcher that lies in the center of a field. But there's a catch - only one player per team can pick up diplomas, and they must do so wearing blacked out polo goggles (no vision) and holding a spoon in both hands. Additionally, each team gets to place 5 potted plants on the field of play. If anyone knocks over a plant, that team immediately loses. Using the directions of their teammates, the active player must navigate around the plants and scoop up diplomas. The losing team writes their names on the glass trophy with an Expo marker, while the winning team creates a new rule to make the game more fair. After a few rounds, players reflect on how both teamwork and system change can help people succeed.

Sound fun? Try playing the game! Then share a picture or video with @GameGeniusLLC!

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