The Rainbow Challenge


THE OBJECTS (points): Sprinkles (12), Pride Flag (12), Light Prism (12), Beach Ball (10), and Color Sharpies (12)

THE GAME: Welcome fans! I'm your host (or perhaps color commentator) for this rainbow challenge. Let's set up the field of play... position a light prism anywhere with a direct light source. Its resulting color spectrum highlights the goal. Place a beach ball away from this prism. Players will kick the ball toward the prism throughout the game. To begin, each player receives a set of color sharpies, a random handful of sprinkles, and a pride flag. On the count of three, players start organizing sprinkles by color on the stripes of their respective pride flag. Each correct group of 10 sprinkles allows a player to pick up the same color sharpie and write a positive message for the LGBT community on the beach ball. Upon finishing each message, players must then kick the ball once before returning to organize more sprinkles. The player responsible for kicking the beach ball into the prism wins the challenge. The winner gets to keep the beach ball as a trophy until a next winner is determined, while the others take home their pride flags as a visible reminder to advocate for a safer, more equitable society.

Sound fun? Try playing the game! Then share a picture or video with @GameGeniusLLC!

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