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The Lost Bethesda Bells

Nearly 150 years ago, thanks to our community’s church pastor and citizens, this area was officially recognized as Bethesda.

To celebrate our town’s first birthday in 1872, legend speaks of a small gesture – a set of three bells – that was given to the Postmaster General to mark the occasion. Since bells were a sign of good fortune, he hung them just above the door so they would ring every time a visitor entered.

After a few years, the 3 bells were separated and moved to areas of greatest importance. The postmaster kept one. The local doctor was awarded one. And the new Bethesda Trolley got one.

In 1896, a hurricane decimated Bethesda Park, one of the Trolley’s main stops for entertainment. While the amusements and stages onsite were destroyed, the Trolley remained untouched. Community members were mystified. The popularity of the bells skyrocketed, as did their security. Until all 3 were stolen on a snowy winter night…

No one seems to know what happened, but the tradition of hanging bells for good luck lived on, and Bethesda continued to thrive with the advancement of transportation.

In preparation for this year’s Winter Wonderland, someone sent us an anonymous letter and treasure chest. We think unlocking it has something to do with these 4 clues.

Want to help us? Find 3 numbers associated with the bells (no need to move or take the bell) and use them to open the chest.

Good luck. Text 240-630-0198 if you need help.

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