VISION: Make social impact fun.

Game Genius was founded in 2018 at the intersection of sports, architecture, and philanthropy. Sports and physical play help us develop curiosity, empathy, and communication. Architecture and making spaces define how we explore and interact with the environment. Philanthropy, whether through giving time, talent, or treasure, identifies what we value and leads us to a more equitable tomorrow.

At Game Genius, we see games everywhere, made out of anything, and designed by anyone. We leverage the process of playing and making games for social good. Our services are workshops designed for teams to use games as the medium to test ideas, develop skills, and solve problems. A work culture filled with opportunities to play inspires better work, talent, and leadership. 


Our public experiences and products demonstrate how games can lower different barriers and encourage people to celebrate common goals. People are spending an increasing amount of time in front of screens, which changes how we socialize and  negatively affects our mental health. Game Genius features our annual District Hunt and various physical-social games as a counterbalance to the current trends. 


Finally, Game Genius believes play is an accessible way to give back at a local level, which is why our team focuses narrowly on the Washington, DC region. In order to do our best work, we want to support from within, not from afar. Check out our impact in the community! Local philanthropy often feels more meaningful because impact is visible. We find that harnessing people's playfulness (heart), creativity (mind), and giving instinct (soul) makes what we do and care about more fun.

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