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"You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation"

Plato (Philosopher)

Remote Lake

Work 2.0: Game On!
NPR Hidden Brain

Business Presentation

Mandatory Fun: Consent, Gamification and the Impact of Games at Work
The Wharton School Research Paper Series

Best Friends

Countering the Achievement Society

The Institute of Art and Ideas

Kids Playing

The Play Deficit


Play Doesn't End With Childhood: Why Adults Need Recess Too


Still Life

A Philosophy of Games That Is Really a Philosophy of Life
The Ezra Klein Show

Closed Playground

The Urban Play Framework 

Brookings Institute

Smiley Pool Balls

The Play Cure


Fists in Solidarity

The Collaboration Game: Solving the Puzzle of Nonprofit Partnership


Spinner Dolphins

Issue 073 Play: Why It Pays to Play Around



Our founder, Peter Williamson joined the Professor Game podcast to explain what the work means to him.

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