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< 30 Min

2 - 8 Players

Ages 6+




Image by Rod Long


Ahoy traveler! Welcome aboard the Shadow of Endurance, a replica ship based off Ernest Shackleton's pioneering vessel. We're setting sail for the Antarctic waters -- hope you brought a camera and attentive gaze. This adventure will be full of animals that breach the ocean surface.

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As seafaring guides, we like to up the stakes from time to time. Every trip includes a contest that challenges passengers to spot animals along the way and log them in a ship journal. Creatures earn different points based on rarity, from common species like Krill and Crabs to uncommon species like the mighty Blue Whale. The passenger who logs the highest scoring animals will have contributed the most sightseeing value to the trip, and thus earns the title of Breach Master.

Obtaining this title will not be easy! Animals don't surface predictably and your shipmates are looking for sneaky ways to claim your discoveries for themselves. It's all light-hearted fun until we enter the depths of the deck, where sea monsters dwell and environmental degradation is seen.

Think you have what it takes to win the battle of the breach? It's time to play Splash Down!



GAME GENIUS is nonprofit that provides play-based services and experiences to support leaders, organizations, and socially beneficial initiatives in the Greater Washington DC region. Game Genius is fiscally sponsored by The Ocean Foundation.

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 Every year, Game Genius focuses its efforts around an impact theme to build awareness, increase advocacy, and catalyze creative solutions. In 2021, they addressed on Climate and Environment issues. Splash Down celebrates Earth's amazing ocean biodiversity, while bringing attention to real problems that critically threaten the underwater ecosystem. 


PETER WILLIAMSON is the founder and Executive Director of Game Genius. He was inspired to conceptualize Splash Down after hearing personal stories of Antarctic wildlife.


RODDY MCKENZIE is the Development Director of Game Genius. He oversaw Splash Down playtests and version iteration, as well as the launch of the Splash Down product.


JAMES SULLIVAN was a student intern with Game Genius who contributed most of the artwork in the Splash Down game. His drawings really helped bring the game to life!

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