Applications due June 18th

Do you enjoy playing games? Seek opportunities to explore or design new things? Like giving back to your community? Then you will love helping us create our 2021 District Hunt

Game Genius is a nonprofit organization that leverages play-based experiences for social good in the Greater Washington DC region. Every year, we host a treasure hunt around the city that aims to build awareness around a specific theme. In 2021, we’re celebrating changemakers and organizations focused on improving our climate and environment. 

We also use this event to empower a volunteer committee to help co-design the public experience. Regardless of your thematic knowledge and puzzle expertise, the committee will be composed of 8-12 members who are familiar with or live in the region, and show excitement for inspiring the local community to play together. 


Committee Focus Areas
Once selected, the volunteer committee will self-sort into four areas of focus:

  • Game Design & Assets

  • Communication & Marketing

  • Partners & Sponsorship

  • Event Impact & Evaluation

Time Commitment
As a committee member, we’ll aim to work around your schedule. Here’s what to expect:

  • Engage with us for 5 months (June-Oct)

  • Contribute 5-10 hours a month

  • Join a team meeting every 2 weeks

  • Work closely with committee members

To sign up for the 2021 District Hunt committee, please apply through this short survey by June 18th. We will follow up on a rolling basis to learn more and confirm your interest. If you have questions or would like additional information, email