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SPOILER ALERT -- Below are hints and answers for all 3 parts of Lincoln Letters (series 2). We suggest reviewing this page if you're completely stuck. To continue, click one of the buttons to skip to that chapter, then scroll down to read about each section of the puzzle.

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In the envelope, you'll find 4 items:

  • Note from Pig Pal

  • Lost letter from Lincoln

  • Picture of Fido

  • Missing dog slip


To start the puzzle, Pig Pal tells you to go visit this website. Click "About Fido" for some story context, then click "Begin" for the first clue.


Looking at the 4 materials, Lincoln's letter holds the majority of the information. The online clue shares that Lopsie (a cat) is important for the first answer. Lopsie is mentioned several times throughout the text and bulleted care instructions. 

Upon reaching the end of the letter, you find an empty table that represents the 4 neighborhood pets' top food, toy, place, activity, and nemesis. The task is to use deduction to complete the table. While there are several workable strategies, the picture of Fido is meant to serve as a key clue. The letters SOFA appear in the photo, giving you a direct fill into the grid (Fido & Place = Sofa).


Draft Ideas for Lincoln Letters (1).png

Once the table is complete, it is now possible to answer the clue's prompt of Lopsie's perfect day -- a  combination of all the things they like.


The final instruction tells you to combine the first letter of Lopsie's favorite things (not including nemesis). Taking the F from Fish, B from Baseball, B from Bed, and H from Hiding makes the answer: "FBBH"

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The second online clue continues to build off your completed pet table, but it requires a 5th pet as context to solve it.


You need to connect the missing pet slip and figure out the animal's name. The 6 question marks suggest name length, and the slip points to 6 letters within the table through the listed statements.

For example, in the first statement, Oreo likes CHASING, and the 1st letter of that word is a C. Moving through the other statements, Fido hangs out on the SOFA (4th letter = A), Mook likes the SQUEAKER (4th letter = E), Lopsie and Mook like eating FISH AND MEAT (3rd letters = S & A, respectively), and Fido ends the day RESTING (1st letter = R).


Putting all 6 letters together, you can spell the answer and historic name of the fifth pet: "CAESAR" 

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The 3rd clue offers a hint through the "type of key" link, which tells you that the jargon text on Lincoln's Letter is known as a Caesar Cipher. Watch this to learn more.


The key number for the cipher is 5, meaning each letter in the text must be shifted that many times backward in the alphabet (so that F = A).

Draft Ideas for Lincoln Letters (1).png

As a result, you will uncover, "MONGREL MAGIC IN SPRINGFIELD."


With this information, there's one thing left to do. Type the name of the vet IN SPRINGFIELD. Upon entering MONGREL MAGIC, you will have finished the game. Nice work!


Read the concluding story and click the button to send a goodbye email to Pig Pal.

Thanks for playing the second Lincoln Letters series!

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