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SPOILER ALERT -- Below are hints and answers for all 3 chapters of Lincoln Letters. We suggest reviewing this page if you're completely stuck. To continue, click one of the buttons to skip to that chapter, then scroll down to read about each section of the puzzle.

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CHAPTER 1: The Note

The first letter contains two pieces. There is a note from Pig Pal and an old letter from Lincoln.

Letter 1B.png
Note 1A.png

To begin, Pig Pal tells you to go visit this website, click "Begin" and then "The Note."

Letter 1B.png

On the first puzzle, you're asked to find something above the sincerely in Abe's letter. You should see 5 red uppercase characters. This spells out a county that serves as the answer. Enter LARUE into the box and click the arrow to move to the next challenge.


The next puzzle can be tricky if you've never seen a rotational cipher before, but the clue tells you to shift some text back two letters in the alphabet. The forlorn text you seek are the PS and PPS lines at the bottom of Abe's letter.

Upon rotating the text, you should see the PS line read: "I AM SPEAKING IN HODGENSVILLE." The place (HODGENSVILLE) is the answer for this page.

The PPS line still makes little sense, but you might recognize something interesting about it as you move to the next puzzle.


The final chapter 1 puzzle builds off what you deciphered from the last clue. You may notice that the PPS line is literally written backward. The message "KEEP THESE MESSAGES SAFE YOU MIGHT NEED THEM LATER THE NEXT PASSCODE IS SEND MAP."

Since you are looking for a demand, enter SEND MAP to finish this chapter. It's important to also keep all materials from the Lincoln Letters experience. You will need each piece in future puzzles... :)

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CHAPTER 2: The Map

The second letter contains two pieces. There is a note from Pig Pal and a map of the area.

Map 2B.png
Map 1A.png

To begin, Pig Pal tells you to go visit this website, click "Begin" and then "The Map."


For the starting passcode, the message tells you to total the pigs on the map. Each pig has a number on it, and the sum of those numbers is the answer: 198.


Now comes the fun part! The next clue is a set of directions. Following the instructions clearly and using deductive reasoning (hint: try different ideas and work forward and backward), you should be able to navigate the paths.

As you pass through pigs along the way, mark their numbers. You'll need them to type the passcode. The image below highlights the correct path, and the relevant pigs read out: 19-5-1-18-3-8 (type without the dashes).

InkedMap 1A_LI.jpg

The following clue identifies more paths that the pigs walk regularly. This page text is split into two different instructions: day and night routes.


For the the day route, the path begins at the NE corner dot and moves SE, eventually making a U-like shape around one tree and through the 6-15-18 pigs.

For the night route, find the eight plank bridge first. This helps you identify the correct western start point. From there, you'll meet another three pigs numbered 20-8-5.

These six numbers make the answer to the puzzle: 6-15-18-20-8-5 (type without the dashes).

InkedMap 1A_LI2.jpg

This is the last and trickiest of the pig trails. Only one interpretation will ultimately work. While not stated in the puzzle itself, recognize that every pig on the map will be used once. Another fun fact: only the pigs facing to the right start a trail.


The shortest bridge is a simple starting point, but the next few clues have several possibilities. Working backward from the last line, you can reach the wide bridge. The final piece is connecting the middle turns together so that the ends meet.

When done correctly, the eight pigs along the path create the code: 19-21-14-12-9-7-8-20 (type without the dashes).

InkedMap 1A_LI3.jpg

With all the trails complete, you should have a long string of numbers. This clue tells you to go back and convert each pig number into 1 of the 26 letters in the alphabet.


The resulting encrypted message is also the solution for this section: "SEARCH FOR THE SUNLIGHT"

You're at the final step with an instruction to search for the sunlight. This clue illuminates (pun intended) what to do. If you hold the map at the right angle with a light source behind it, you should see 4 holes in the map itself.


You must find the four pigs closest (by path) to each of these holes. It happens that the same pig is closest to two of them, which gives you the numbers 6-18-5-5. Recalling the alphabetic cipher, these numbers spell FREE. Type that word in the box to finish this chapter.

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CHAPTER 3: The Storm

The final letter contains three clues. There is a note from Pig Pal and a page that is fractured into numerous pieces. When assembled, the front has the annual Snout Count and back has some blue boxes with numbers beside them.

Storm 3B.png
Storm 3A.png
Storm 3A (2).png

To begin, Pig Pal tells you to go visit this website, click "Begin" and then "The Storm."


For the starting passcode, note that the letter instructs you to type in the author's name. Enter PIG PAL, the author of the letter, to continue!


This opening clue mostly helps you recognize that the Snout Count, which is ripped into several pieces, has important information on the opposite side of the page. When assembled, you should see a list of  species on one side, and 9 blue boxes on the other. That number is the answer here.


Before continuing, remember there was a previous message from the first chapter that told you to keep all the materials. You will need each Pig Pal letter to solve this puzzle.

Once you have the letters, it's time to get some scissors and tape! The blue boxes on the back of the Snout Count are numbered 1, 2, and 3. Carefully cut out the three lightest blue boxes labeled with a 1, then tape the page together. The more precise you can be, the easier the next step.

Letter 1B.png
Storm 3A (2) _ ONE.png
Map 2B.png
Storm 3A (2) _ ONE.png
Storm 3B.png
Storm 3A (2) _ ONE.png

Each of the three cutouts aligns with a specific Pig Pal message. Upon aligning them, you should notice a pair of letters hiding in plain sight. When put together, GE-OR-GE spells the six letter name you seek: GEORGE.


The next clue follows the same logic, but it asks you to complete both the remaining color squares. The medium blue labeled 2 and the dark blue labeled 3 represent different pig names you must decipher. Like George, they are on the pig registry so you can check your work. Unlike George, the aligned pages are not to Pig Pal's letters. You must use the other previous materials from previous chapters!

Map 1A.png
Storm 3A (2) _ TWO.png

The four medium blue boxes align with the map! But this may not be initially obvious because the map only has numbers. Recall that each number refers to a letter in the alphabet. 19-1-5-12 becomes S-A-E-L, which rearranges to a few words, but only one shows up on the registry: ELSA.

Note 1A.png
Storm 3A (2) _ THREE.png

The two dark blue boxes align with Lincoln's first message in Chapter 1. This solve should be more straightforward, as the letters IAM-WILL rearrange to WILLIAM.

With both pig names, type ELSA&WILLIAM in the answer box to continue to the next clue!


You're in the final stretch! These three pigs were crucial because you needed their last letters E-A-M to spell a final pig, MAE, which is found in the Durac section of the registry. Type it in to contine.


Hooray! You have finished all three chapters and now get to help the pigs that are stuck. Each button leads to a prompt. Complete the responses for George, Elsa, and William then press the "click here" button to be directed to a final experience survey.

Thank you so much for playing! Hope you enjoyed the puzzles and stay tuned for our next Lincoln Letters installment.

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