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2021 Impact Theme: Climate and Environment

As Game Genius settles into its new nonprofit status, we continue to lean on things that have worked well for the last few years. Since 2019, our public experiences (i.e. District Hunt) have revolved around a changing impact theme. We started with Women's History, focusing particularly on the 100 year anniversary of a women's right to vote. In 2020, we featured Mental Health -- a topic that became increasingly relevant as people endured the pandemic.

This year, our efforts turn to the Climate and Environment. It is undoubtedly a humongous category and we won't cover everything. Instead, over the course of 2021, we intend to highlight a handful of key issues and demonstrate critical intersections with other ugly problems, such as social and racial injustice. Whether you're an expert in the field or curious to learn more, we hope engaging with us provides personal value and furthers the public conversation.

To enhance our overall impact, we're excited to announce a new springtime event called Play Week. From April 17-25 (centered around Earth Day on April 22), Game Genius will host a light series of game challenges, design workshops, and interactive panels that aim to promote the power of play in catalyzing climate and environment solutions. The daily sessions are free to attend, and we'll be looking for partners to invite their networks and/or help curate a play session.

Game Genius will also host its third annual District Hunt in the fall. We have found this event to be a wonderful storytelling tool that immerses players, partners, and sponsors in a DC adventure. Starting this year, we also plan to provide a deeper learning opportunity through being a volunteer on our event planning committee. If you're interested in joining our design team, please email!

Finally, we will share resources from research and planning on our website, as well as publish a physical tabletop game inspired by the annual theme. We recognize Climate and Environment issues won't disappear on December 31, but these evergreen materials represent ways Game Genius can continue to be stewards and advocates beyond 2021.


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