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2022 Theme: Literacy

Literacy (n.) - the ability to read and write; competence or knowledge in a specified area.

Introducing our 4th annual impact theme! Game Genius turns its attention to literacy this year. From language and cultural to financial and tech, literacy exists in many different forms.

Our objective, as always, is to dig deeper into each impact theme by highlighting the work of local changemakers across the DMV. Want to play with us or be featured? Have a literacy resource to share or changemaker to introduce? Contact us at

We plan to engage these individuals and organizations throughout the year, providing play-based direct services (i.e. creative capacity or teambuilding) and opportunities to participate in playful community events. The two events we host will center around a more collaborative and connected approach in 2022.

For Play Week (Mar 20-26), Game Genius will invite anyone to join the fun. Play virtual games and learn with us during the week, or help craft storylines and puzzles for the District Hunt (Sept 30 - Oct 10) over the weekends. We're excited to continue using our two capstone experiences to bring awareness to local impact work as well as teach people about the game design process. Look for ways to get involved through our newsletter, website event pages, and social media!

Finally, Game Genius will work on a tabletop game that reflects one or more of the subtopics within the literacy theme. Last year, with a climate and environment theme, we produced a family-friendly card game called Splash Down that celebrates Antarctic species and identifies human activities that endanger the livelihood of those amazing creatures.

Going forward, our independent game products will serve as another fun way for people to support our work. We plan on releasing a print-and-play prototype for our new literacy game in the 4th quarter of 2022. We'll be in search of game playtesters who can provide feedback soon!

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