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My Internship with Game Genius

As a Game Genius intern, I was able to bridge the gap between my professional and personal self. At my core, I am a very playful and fun-loving person. Despite my personality, I was convinced that being a professional required a serious temperament and a “no-nonsense attitude.” However, by working with Game Genius, I was attuned to the truth that work environments can be both playful and productive. This synthesis of play and productivity deepened my sense of connection to Game Genius, my colleagues, and the work I was doing. Therefore, my internship experience allowed me to further define who I am as a professional.

Another aspect of my Game Genius internship that I valued was that creativity was encouraged. At every step of the process, the ideas and contributions of my team were given consideration. This encouragement inspired me to think deeply about the various projects that I was assigned because I knew the ideas wouldn’t be disregarded. This ultimately made me feel that I was involved in the process, and I valued that.

Another aspect of this internship that made my experience amazing was that I had the chance to participate in the creation of two games, Splash Down and the District Hunt. For as long as I can remember, I have always had an affinity for games and play. Therefore, participating in the process was like a dream come true. I had the chance to think about game mechanics and play in a way I had previously never experienced. Ultimately, my experiences as a Game Genius intern will stay with me for the rest of my life.


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